Top Emerging Jobs For 2017

Thanks to a recently released report from Randstad a globally operating human resources consultancy based in the Netherlands we have some idea about which jobs in a handful of industries are seeing some real interest in the jobs market right now.

In putting together its report, Randstad collected predictions from its experts and national recruiters it works with to zero in on occupations that are worth watching in 2017. The organization looks for job titles most frequently sought by recruiters and hiring managers and the number of qualified candidates for said jobs.

 “We can then determine what the hottest jobs are based on supply and demand,” said Traci Fiatte, CEO of professional and commercial Staffing for Randstad U.S. “There might be a gazillion jobs but if they’re not difficult to fill then we really wouldn’t post it as a hot job.”

Top on the list of emerging  jobs in IT is Security Engineer. As more data is uploaded to the cloud, organizations are taking steps to assure that their data is secure. That need has made IT security engineer a desirable skill set. A mid level worker in that position can earn nearly $130,000 a year.

Another special job comes from the life sciences industry: Clinical Study Manager. “In 2016 there were 3,135 clinical studies initiated,” says Fiatte, “compared to 2,700 in 2015.” These types of studies are vital for drug trials in the pharmaceutical industry, she explained, and each requires someone to oversee it. “Because all of these drug companies have initiated these new drugs, these jobs are in huge demand.”

 IT industry, for example, IOT (internet of things) architects are having their day, it would seem. Those types of workers deal in the technology behind any WiFi device that controls other WiFi devices. Given the proliferation of the technology, those with IOT skills are very much sought after. It pays relatively well too a mid level IOT engineer can earn more than $144,000 a year.

Another emerging job, this one coming from the engineering industry, is Embedded Engineer. Those in that field manage the electrical components involved in avionics like GPS or autopilot functions on airplanes, for example. That job earns an average $120,000 a year for a mid-level worker.

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